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Release Tension & Improve Mobility

Targeted Tissue Release

Feel, move & perform better with this active release & stretch session

What is Target Tissue Release?

Using a combination of targeted pressure and guided movements with assisted stretching, we work together to target & breakdown adhesions (knots) and scar tissue. 

Benefits of Target Tissue Release

  • Relieves muscle tension

  • Improves flexibility and range of motion

  • Accelerates injury recovery

  • Enhances athletic performance

  • Alleviates chronic pain

What to expect

  • This is not a massage

  • You will be moving so wear something comfortable

  • This technique is often intense

  • I'll be using my foot/elbow/forearm/other implement to supply pressure to adhesions

  • You'll leave with a plan you can implement at home


Boulder Pickleball

3350 Frontier Ave, Suite C

Boulder, CO 80301

Treatment room is behind the front desk

How Much?

  • $100 - 45 Min

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