Swiss Ball Stretches

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Whether you call it a Swiss Ball, stability ball, yoga ball, exercise ball or something else; those big, inflatable spheres are one of the more universal and versatile tools in your gym.  I list the Swiss ball as one of the top 5 tools every home gym should have as well as a replacement for your worn-out office chair. Today we are going to focus on using the ball to do some simple stretching for the muscles of the torso, hamstrings, and shoulders. Follow allow with the video below and see how adding a few minutes of movement into your day can change your life. 

Swiss Ball Torso Stretch:

Position yourself so your low back is on the ball. Allow your body to wrap around the ball, arms going overhead. As you start to loosen up push your body back to roll over the top of the ball. Hold for 30s.

Swiss Ball Side Stretch:

Lie on your side on the ball with your top foot in the back and your top arm overhead. Round your body over the ball. If you need more stretch roll farther over the ball.

Hold for 30s and switch sides

Swiss Ball Down Dog:

Stand behind your ball. Keeping your spine extended, bend forward at the hips placing your palms flat to the ball.  Push your hips up and back while pushing the ball forward. 

Hold for 30s.

Swiss Ball Child’s Pose:

Kneel in front of the ball and place palms on top of the ball. Reaching your hands forward, sit back on your heels into child’s pose. With your arms elevated on the ball you will get more stretch in the upper body than on the floor. 

Hold for 30s.

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