Roll Away Sciatica

Sciatica is a real pain in the ass. Sciatica is a term used for when your sciatic nerve (or one of its branches) gets pinched or irritated. Foam rolling the tissue that runs adjacent to these nerves and gaining mobility in your hips may help alleviate the symptoms of sciatica.

Rolling tight tissue is uncomfortable but the goal is not to cause pain, the goal is to release the tissue. After rolling and stretching this tissue you may be a little sore but nothing should hurt. Remember to start off slowly and increase duration and intensity as you build up tolerance.

What You Need

To follow along today, you'll need a foam roller and a bench or chair.

Foam Roll Glutes

Sit one butt cheek on the foam roller at a 45 degree angle and your hands on the floor. Roll around on your glute, looking for any tight spots. When you find a sore spot, take some time and relax on that area. To increase pressure, cross the ankle of your rolling leg over your opposite knee.

Foam Roll Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL)

Lie on your side perpendicular to your roller. Place the roller on the side of your leg just under your pelvic crest and above the boney bit at the top of your femur. This is usually pretty sensitive once you find the right spot. Instead of rolling along your leg, try rolling across by rotating your body and keeping the roller still.

Seated Figure 4 Stretch

Sit on your hard bottom chair or bench with good posture. Cross one ankle over the opposite knee. You should feel a stretch across your butt and maybe running down your inner thigh. Sit tall and keep your spine erect. After holding for 30 seconds, reach forward and round over to touch your nose to your toes. This should crank up the intensity.

Hip Flexor Stretch

Step one foot back into a shallow lunge position. Keeping your torso vertical and your feet parallel, adjust your front knee directly over your ankle. Hips should be square and level. Your back knee can be bent and heel can be up. To intensify your stretch, first squeeze your glute of your stretching leg. If you want more, keeping the rest of your body still, extend through your back leg.

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