Poor Air Quality

Wildfires are ravaging the mountain west and west coast. Hundreds of thousands of acres have succumbed to the blaze and serve as a valuable reminder about the tenuous relationship between humans and nature. Here in Denver, we have been treated to beautiful sunsets but we won’t know the cost of those magical skies for quite some time. 

The immediate impact to us high plains flatlanders is that the air is smoky. So should you run? Or bike? Or do your outdoor Bootcamp?

Well, I’m not a doctor so I won’t play one on the internet. I will however share what I’m doing. I’m using common sense. Monday it was really smoky so I chose not to run that day. Wednesday it wasn’t as smoky so I ran that day. I’m also trying to run as early in the day as possible. Not only is it cooler but it seems that the air is clearer early in the day.

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