Magic Bean Water

Do you love your morning coffee? 

Me too, so don’t worry I’m not here to tell you to quit.

Coffee has been shown to have more benefits than bringing a smile to your face. In moderate doses caffeine can help boost mood and invigorate you by releasing dopamine and adrenaline. This may help you feel happy and alert. Coffee helps you release more of them, no wonder I love magic bean water so much.

Coffee may help you in the gym too. Caffeine has also been shown to increase your metabolism and the rate at which you burn fat. This is why those green tea supplements were so popular. Caffeine helps your muscles contract faster and can increase the time until exhaustion so you can work harder for longer. Runners and gym rats can both benefit from these effects. Coffee can even help lifters focusing on bodybuilding the desired "pump".

Studies have shown benefits of caffeine on some chronic diseases as well.  Johns Hopkins states that moderate caffeine consumption is linked to a decreased prevalence of heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease & stroke as well as Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s diseases. 

Big surprise here folks, coffee may keep you awake. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the situation. Caffeine does this by binding to your adenosine receptors. This means adenosine, which helps you wind down and feel sleepy, isn't binding. This coupled with the release of adrenaline, can lead to lack of sleep.

Over consumption may lead to irritability and jittery feelings. Too much coffee can also lead to digestive issues, heart palpitations, increased blood pressure and addiction. Just like some other drugs caffeine has a diminishing effect the more you consume. So the more you consume, the less effective it is on you so the more you consume.

Have you heard coffee is a diabetic? The hormone (ADH) that makes your body produce urine is affected by moderate to high doses of caffeine (and alcohol). ADH is stimulated by your pituitary gland and travels to the kidneys where water retention is regulated for body hydration. When ADH release is inhibited (as with caffeine and alcohol) your body reabsorbed less fluid and releases more as urine. Coffee has a laxative effect as well. Caffeine stimulates the colon, causing you to start looking for a rest room. Too much coffee can cause diarrhea which can further dehydrate you.

The current research suggests that coffee has health benefits in moderation with limited side effects. As with most things, if you over do it on the coffee, you’ll also have to deal with some consequences. 

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