Before Coffee...

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

I love magic bean water. I drink it every morning. Just the smell of it opens up my eyes. Once the liquid gold has hit my lips, they start to curl into a smile. I can’t help it. I love coffee. 

Coffee isn’t the first thing I drink however. As I’m counting out tablespoons and pouring water from the Britta I’m sipping on some pure H2O. 

Waking up a little dehydrated is common. Start off by drinking 16oz of water and feel your body come alive. Your magic bean water will be hot and ready when you're done with your water.

Coffee is also pretty acidic so dumping it, boiling hot into your empty stomach can lead to heartburn and some GI upset. Having some water in there will help diminish these effects.

Try some H2O first.

Pro Tip:

Try adding some fresh lemon juice to your water. It not only tastes good but aids in digestion.

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