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Tracking Your Progress

Throughout your program we will be using a number of objective and subjective methods to track your progress and make any necessary adjustments. Tracking body weight and/or circumference will give us some hard data to work with while progress photos will give us a visual of the changes you're making.  I'll give you details on how to take and track these measurements further down.  Don't worry, this shouldn't take more than a few minutes.


You will be using the Results Tracking area in your Logbook to record your measurements.  Here's how you find it in your app.

I'll put a reminder in your schedule when it's time take measurements that will link you directly to the proper place for tracking, I just want you to be able to find your way around your app comfortably. 

Now that you've found your results tracking section, it's time to take our initial measurements and starting point photos.

I want you to track at least one of the measurables, bodyweight and/or waist & hip circumferences as well as take the progress photos...



Weigh yourself first thing in the morning– ideally naked! Keep a note of what day and time it is, as you will be doing this at the same time each time we measure. 



Use these two measurements to track your progress.  These two locations are easy to find each time you measure making your tracking more reliable. 

Progress Photos

Your before and after photos are another great ongoing motivator.  The value of the photos is their ability to show changes in a very visual and ‘real’ way.

Throughout your program I’ll be asking for progress photos (don't worry, this as with everything I ask for will be kept private unless you say otherwise). Just like with the Results Tracking I'll be sending you reminders to complete these on your Schedule. This morning I would like you to add in your first progress photos.


How to Take Progress Photos:

Take photos from the front, back, and sides against a plain white wall if you can. Ensure the area has good lighting while being as consistent as possible with your positioning.


Wear whatever you’re comfortable with in your progress photos with the idea that we want to see the changes your body is making.  Guys, shorts and no shirt is ideal, ladies, shorts or tights with a sports bra or tank top is recommended but do what makes you comfortable. 

To upload your photos you should use the reminder on your Schedule or head to your Logbook and select Progress Photos.

Once you've got your initial measurements and photos uploaded in your app, make sure they are checked as complete in your Dashboard where you'll find any other tasks for today.

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